The tea dragon society plush



The tea dragon society plush

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e however who couldn`t face up to letting free an “Awwww” on ure, Tea Dragons are domesticated creatures which develop tea leaves out in their horns and antlers, with exceptional Tea Dragons developing exceptional forms of tea (and sure, rooibos and chamomile aren`t strictly speakme a sort of tea – however OMG THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!!).

Created via way of means of Kay O`Neill, the Tea Dragons are the featured characters in a trilogy of multi-award triumphing, delusion image novels which began out lifestyles as a webcomic primarily based totally on a chain of Kay`s very own illustrations manner returned circa 2015. The Tea Dragon Society collection will finish with the 1/3 instalment, The Tea Dragon Tapestry, this June from Oni-Lion Forge. It appears to had been a wild ride – however at the least the dragons are domesticated and plushable.

Oni-Lion Forge have produced differen The tea dragon society plush


t  primarily based totally at the exceptional at seem withinside the collection, like Jasmine, Chamomile – and now the state-of-the-art, the grumpy-searching Mountain Chamomile.

tea drag
Head of Oni Games Steve Ellis says:

“I`ve had the privilege of running with Kay O`Neill when you consider that 2017, and my enthusiasm to paintings inside their global of the Tea Dragon Society has in no way been greater. This Mountain Chamo is our state-of-the-art attempt to hook up with Tea Dragon fans, and we are hoping they get as a whole lot pleasure from it as we`ve gotten bringing it to lifestyles.”

While the alternativeto be had on Oni`s website, Mountain Chamomile gets the unique pre-order remedy on Kickstarter. Keep your eyes open human beings and be organized to offer them a squish!


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