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Tire track eel Are you seeking out statistics on being concerned in your Tire-Track Eels Or perhaps you need to recognize the way to feed them properly Well, you`ve come to the proper place!

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This article covers all elements of being concerned for them and assisting them thrive. It additionally consists of a few super recommendations on tank associates and different subjects with a view to assist preserve your tire-song eels glad and wholesome.

But earlier than whatever else, how do you apprehend Tire-Track eels (Mastacembelus armatus)? Their our bodies are withinside the conventional eel shape, flattened laterally and with a snout-like face. They additionally carefully resemble a snake because of their darkish zigzag markings from head to tail.

Read directly to discover extra approximately this charming fish in detail.

Tyre Track Eel in Aquarium

Distributed over a huge region of Asia, the Tire Track Eel is a species of tropical freshwater eel belonging to the Mastacembelidae family.

The species arise in very exclusive habitats among them. They are observed in streams and rivers with sand, pebble, or boulder substrate in highland streams to lowland wetlands. They additionally live in regions of flooded forest.

If you`re considering retaining one in your property aquarium, it`s crucial to preserve in thoughts that this fish is massive in length, making it tough to hold in small talk. This is likewise why it`s now no longer very famous amongst not unusualplace aquarists.

But the cool aspect is, it`s a sought-after specie many of the keepers of massive fish. Its non violent conduct closer to different fish species withinside the network aquarium is one feature that reasons an effect on folks who look at it. That`s proper, Tyre-Track Eels were recognised to be pretty tolerant of different tank associates.

Generally speaking, the Tire-Track Eel is a tough and non violent fish in aquariums, making it an extraordinary preference for skilled aquarists seeking out some thing exclusive of their tank. These fish decide on aquariums with low lighting fixtures and plenty of hiding locations; however, they constantly swim across the aquarium whilst nicely tailored and thoroughly managed.

Tire Track Eel Care Guide

Tire song eels aren’t tough to care for, however they want a few particular attention.

Tyre-song eels are one of the maximum normally stored fish in network aquariums. Being adaptable species, they may be housed with different fish species and are able to dwelling peacefully with them.

In phrases of care, they’re now no longer tough to care for, however they want a few particular attention. As lengthy as you offer them with a balanced diet, masses of hiding locations, and masses of swimming space, they may stay wholesome and thriving.

However, Tire-Track Eels may be touchy to unexpected adjustments of their environment. For example, if they’re eliminated from their domestic and located into a brand new tank, the percentages are that they may come to be stressed. If you don`t need that to happen, make certain that the meals and tank necessities are stable.

Tank Size

Tire-song Eel is a noticeably lively fish, spending maximum in their time lurking of their caves after which searching and exploring the territory at night. Because in their massive length, they call for a massive-extent aquarium.

A 48″ x 24″ aquarium or someplace round 132 gallons is a great length to begin with. However, the quality aspect you could do in your Tire-Track Eel is to offer it with masses of open water and tight channels – appropriate situations for searching and scavenging. This will provide you with the quality danger at having a wholesome, glad fish.

Tank Mates Tire track eel

They are semi-competitive eels that coexist with out troubles with different fish species in a network aquarium. However, retaining the Tire Track Eel with large fish that can not be eaten could be quality. Likewise, keep away from retaining it with different territorial and competitive fish.

Tire Track Eels must be stored with medium to massive semi-competitive species, such as:

Acara Tire track eel

Ideally, Tire Track eels must be stored with comparable species with a view to now no longer damage the eel however additionally be visible as meals to the Tire Track eel.

Same Species Tanks

The Tire Track Eel is hardly ever used as a unmarried species in any form of assembly; it`s secure to preserve the animal in a group.

Water Parameters

They are noticeably hardy fish however can not resist unexpected adjustments in parameters. This species is likewise touchy to water pollution and natural rely accumulation withinside the aquarium. In addition, this fish can stay with high-quality best in exclusive parameters.

The best temperature for its upkeep is from seventy five to eighty two F. The perfect pH variety is among 6.zero and 7.zero, and the hardness tiers from five to 12°H.

Note that this fish does nicely in barely brackish water (excessive hardness). This distinction among hardness and pH is associated with the area of starting place of the specimen and demonstrates the oscillation of parameters throughout the dry and wet seasons.

What to Put in Their Tank

Like some other captive-bred fish, Tire Track Eels want an aquarium heater and a filtering gadget of their tank to be wholesome. The filtration gadget have to be nicely-dimensioned, and for the reason that those fish are wonderful jumpers, the tank have to be protected equipped and correctly secured.

The aquarium`s ornament may also be critical in preserving the species, which desires many hiding locations and caves. A densely planted aquarium is your quality guess for a appropriate domestic in your Tire Track Eel.

We advise you operate plenty of rocks and driftwood in forming caves and hiding locations. Sand as a substrate is likewise welcome, as those creatures want to bury themselves.

Common Diseases

These eels are remarkably disease-resistant fish. But, they’re vulnerable to fungus and parasites due to the small scales defensive their body. They`re additionally touchy to medications, so keep away from copper-primarily based totally capsules as Tyre-Track eels reply eel2. poorly to it. Tire track eel

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