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a great deal of my paintings. Color and form are maximum interesting to me. Curiosity approximately the whole thing and the way matters paintings is why you`ll locate a number of problem count number in my paintings. I method my easel with my diverse pastimes in mind, striving to sluggish down, to spend time with them, and to report and discover them in a visible context. Watch secret society 2 free online


After accomplishing my B.A. in artwork, I spent a while in my studio portray. Later on, I taught excessive faculty artwork, virtual artwork, and pictures guides along with Career Technical Education. I moved on from coaching in 2017 and now spend extra time at home, with pals, and in particular extra time at my easel. Please sense unfastened to touch me any time together along with your questions or remarks approximately my paintings.


My YouTube channel is modern-day and I`m operating on including extra motion pictures so take a look at lower back often! YouTube Channel.Oil and Cold Wax Medium Watch secret society 2 free online


Cold wax medium is a smooth, pasty blend of beeswax, a touch solvent and resin. It is blended with oil paints after which implemented to a organized timber panel or canvas. The wax is used at room temperature and should not be pressured with encaustic portray which makes use of warmness to soften and fuse the medium.



Pastels were a fave of mine for plenty years. Unlike mediums that use a broom or different device for application, I can preserve them immediately in my hand. Pastels are natural pigment with a touch binder to preserve the powdery pigment collectively in a stick form. The pastel hardness or softness is decided with the aid of usin


how a great deal binder is used; Watch secret society 2 free online


a smooth pastel has much less binder and extra pigment. They are the equal pigments utilized in oil paints so they’re lightfast, colourful and permanent. They are messy too however that is a part of the fun.


I’ve constantly appreciated pen and ink and scratchboard is some thing like that however gives a specific method; subtracting away the darkish regions to expose the mild underneath. The gear I use scratch away excellent lines, making it ideal for drawing details. My lifestyles-lengthy love of horses offers me with my preferred problem count number, even though I revel in drawing different topics too.



I thank God each day for the lifestyles I’ve had and for my preference to attract and paint. I am thankful for the possibilities I even have in artwork and I constantly look ahead to operating on my subsequent creation! Thank you to all who’ve supported me in my endeavors and to all of my new pals in artwork.





My paintings is accrued throughout the US and Canada.



October 28, 2020, Honorable Mention, “Botanical-I” Southern Arizona Arts Guild Fall Exhibit
September 14, 2020, BoldBrush Regram contest winner for the week. “Thorns, Spikes and Spears #3”
January 2020, “Starting From Scratch,”


Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, p. 30
September 2019, BEST OF SHOW award “Icelander,” Gateway International Painting Contest
August 2019, FINALIST distinction “Steamer Changing Tracks,” Gateway International Painting Contest
July 2019, Tucson Happenings Online


May 2019, The Informed Collector, Watch secret society 2 free online


The Informed Collector is a every day e-newsletter supplying artwork creditors with facts approximately artists they have to recognize approximately. It additionally functions artwork amassing resources, hints and commentary. in..Conant creates each large, colorful, unfastened abstracts and detaileblack-and-white scratchboard artwork… eel2 Pastels were her mediaof desire for her abstracts. However, she currently turned into delivered to…”



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