Wood county humane society garage sale 2022



Wood county humane society garage sale 2022

cover a canine so that it will be the fine suit for you. Our utility evaluation manner consists of a name to the applicant, calls to private references, and veterinalord references if applicable. We additionally ask for domestic films in lieu of domestic visits because of ce your utility is accepted, you could both choose up your new member of the family on the airport or meet him/her at a foster domestic. Wood county humane society garage sale 2022


Don`t have a selected canine in m Wood county humane society garage sale 2022


ind? That`s OK. If you’re open-minded approximately the canine you would really like to undertake and would really like to be matched with one, you could nevertheless publish an utility shape. Many of our puppies are matched to new households earlier than they’re ever published publicly. But when you have precise options in phrases of breed or size, please electronic mail adoption@thesatoproject.org first.

Please see under for solutions to a few often requested questions on our adoptions.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where can I view your adoptable puppies?
A: Most of our adoptable puppies are published on our Petfinder web page or Social Media Channels. However, dogs and small puppies are presently in excessive demand, so they’re regularly matched with current candidates earlier than they’re published publicly. Please word that we do NOT have bodily shelters in NY or PR that permit site visitors or volunteers. Once flown to the Northeast, our puppies are both picked up with the aid of using pre-accepted adopters on the airport or visit non-public foster homes. Only an accepted adopter can meet an adoptable canine.

: What is your adoption charge? Wood county humane society garage sale 2022

A: Our adoption charge is $650.* All of our puppies are absolutely vetted to the best requirements of veterinary care, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped, then flown to NJ/NY. This charge represents a small fraction of our standard charges to rescue every canine (our modern-day fees average $2,000 in line with canine, now no longer which includes delivery charges). This charge additionally consists of the right gear, outfitted on your sato: harness, martingale collar, and a coupler. We additionally provide expert education recommendation at some point of the decompression duration even as a canine adjusts to its new domestic.

*Are you a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces? If so, you is probably eligible for a discounted adoption charge way to a partnership with ProNet International Gifts and Scholarships. Contact us to examine more.

Q: Can you delivery a canine to wherein I live?
A: We handiest fly puppies to NY/NJ so our modern-day adoption location spans the Northeast from ME to VA, but accepted adopters should be capable of force to meet/choose up the canine in NY/NJ. Unfortunately, we can’t facilitate long-distance adoptions because of some of logistical demanding situations and fees. We inspire you to go to neighborhood shelters as there are numerous top notch puppies throughout americaA in want of homes!


Q: Can you check your puppies with different puppies, cats, and kids?

A: All our puppies are examined with different puppies. If you’ve got got cats or kids, we’re capin a position to check them on a case with the aid of using case basis. We might in no way region a canine in a domestic with cats or kids that have been now no longer examined with them and deemed safe.

Q: Can you inform me approximately the character of the puppies?
A: We can offer data on a canine’s character as we are aware of it on the modern-day time. However, as soon as they come from Puerto Rico, personalities can alternate as soon as they’re in a special environment, and maximum puppies undergo an adjustment duration. The Sato Project can’t make any ensures approximately how the canine will behave as soon as they come of their new domestic, and we propose that every one adopters be organized with a affected person mind-set and be equipped to paintings together along with your canine. To assist you transition your canine into your domestic, we’re satisfied to propose expert canine trainers.


Q: Do you provide any help once I undertake?

A: Our crew is devoted to every and each canine`s success. We are satisfied to provide expert education recommendation at some point of the decompression duration even as a canine adjusts to its new domestic and constantly take a look at in with all of our new adopters to ensure it’s miles going well. All of our adopters also are invited to sign up for a non-public adopter`s organization on Facebook, wherein they are able to ask questions, put up updates, percentage assets and more. This lively web page is moderated with the aid of using The Sato Project body of workers and is a notable network for our adopters and our crew to live in touch, network, and aid one another. By including a sato for your own circle of relatives, you come to be a member of our wider TSP own circle of relatives as well.



Q: What is your coverage approximately returning puppies/taking puppies back?


A: Our legally binding Adoption Contract states that any canine followed from The Sato Project MUST be again to us and now no longer rehomed or surrendered to a shelter. Adoption is a dedication and adopters should be organized to take care of their new member of the family for its lifetime.



If your canine has behavioral issues, we will propose canine trainers. We will handiest undertake to households who’re amenable to hiring a expert teacher if the want arises. Our Adoption Contract additionally states that any canine(s) followed from eel2 The Sato Project should be saved up

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