Yellow eel

Yellow eel Fragmentation of the river continuum with the aid of using excessive dams has been mentioned as one of the maximum crucial elements believed to make contributions to declines of upstream-migrating European yellow-section eel (Anguilla anguilla).

Fish lifts appear to symbolize the maximum cost-powerful form of fishway for enhancing longitudinal connectivity for plenty fish species throughout those obstacles. However, their overall performance for eels is unknown, or as a minimum limited, due to the fact the distance width in retention displays is typically too large, permitting people to escape

To examine the impact of a discounted hole width on eel escape, yellow eel passage changed into constantly monitored on the Touvedo fish raise (River Lima, Portugal) in the course of annual periods:

Acknowledgments Yellow eel

The authors desire to thank Raul Arenas, Paulo Branco and André Fabião for his or her assist in the course of the electrofishing sampling campaigns.

Thanks also are because of João Pádua, Ulisses Cabral and António Leite Marinho for assistance, subject and video logistics.

The Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF) furnished the important fishing and managing permits. Finally, the authors need to thank Martyn Lucas, Eva Thorstad and nameless reviewers for his or her beneficial feedback on an early draft in this manuscript.

Disclosure statement Yellow eel

No capability war of hobby changed into mentioned with the aid of using the authors.

Additional information

This have a look at changed into supported with the aid of using EDP, S.A. (Energias de Portugal), who allowed using their centers and equipment (video-recording system).

The funders had no position in have a look at design, information series and analysis, choice to publish, or education of the manuscript. J. M.

Oliveira changed into supported with the aid of using a post-doctoral grant [grant number SFRH/BPD/ from the Foundation for Science eel2 and Technology (FCT). Yellow eel’s

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