Zig zag eel

Zig zag eel Mastacembelus armatus can attain as much as 36″ (ninety one cm) in its herbal habitat however does now no longer commonly exceed 20″ (fifty one cm) in captivity.[6][2]

Despite its eel-like appearance, Mastacembelus armatus isn’t taken into consideration a real eel.[7]

Habitat Zig zag eel

Mastacembelus armatus are nocturnal fish that thrive in highland streams, lowland wetlands, nevertheless waters, coastal marshes and rivers with sandy or rocky riverbeds and heavy vegetation. They are not unusualplace for the duration of the tropical summer time season months and could reside in canals, lakes and different floodplain regions for the duration of the flood season.[6][2]

In the aquarium

Mastacembelus armatus are backside dwellers and coffee substrate diggers[7] and burrowers. Those which are 6″ (15 cm) lengthy do nicely in tanks measuring 36″ (ninety one cm) with a potential of 35 gallons (132 liters).

However, large M. armatus necessitate aquariums measuring at the least 48″ (122 cm) with fifty five gallons (209 liters) potential. Zig-zag eels do nicely in freshwater or barely brackish aquatic Although

Feeding Zig zag eel

Being nocturnal carnivores, zig-zag eels forage on benthic insect larvae, earthworms, blackworms and a few submerged plant material. In an aquarium setting, they require stay meals of their food plan together with stay fish, tubifex worms, brine shrimps, mosquito larvae, frozen bloodworms, cyclops, krill and ocean plankton.


Male and girl zig-zag eels are handiest distinguishable whilst mature. Females are generally plumper than males. Although their fecundity withinside the wild is high, there aren’t anyt any regarded a success breeding eel2 packages in captivity. Zig zag eel’s

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